The Journey of Faith – Catechism Series – Book 5

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The Journey of Faith – Catechism Series – Book 5

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The Journey of Faith – Catechism Series – Book 5

Together in Jesus’ Family

Soft cover

64 pages

A Catechism of our History of Salvation and the Common Prayers

The Journey of Faith is very important in our ife, the family, especially the parents, must take responsibility for the religious formation of their children and be, in fact the first catechists, the one who hand over the Christian faith to the younger generation through their example prayer and teaching.  Since many parents, for various reasons, feel inadequate to carry out such a demanding task, they usually entrust the Christian formation of their children to the Parish, and this is done basically thanks to the devotion and dedication of many Catechists.

This Catechism follows the journey of the Catechumenate, but is suitable for the adolenscents who are preparing for First Confession, Confirmation and First Holy Communion.

This Catechism is a timely tool that will assist both parents and parishes in their task of evangelisation, as it offers them not only the message to be handed over, but also a certain methodology that is suitable for the younger generations.  In view of this, each lesson has been spread out over 2 pages, and organised into various parts that are all interconnected and complementary.

The references to The Catechism of the Catholic Church, The Compendium and A Catholic Catechism at the beginning of each lesson, are there to help both parents and catechists to find extra material as they prepare themselves to hand over the faith to the candidates.

In the secction THINGS TO REMEMBER, we have inserted some of the most important points that the catechumens are called to understand and remember.

In most cases, some of these elements are then taken up in the section; LEARN BY HEART, as a way of making sure that the candidates memorise the key points of each lesson.

The next section:  WHAT CAN I DO? involves the candidates in some concrete activity, so that what is being learned is also put into practise.  This can be an activity, a prayer, a reflection., etc. depending on the topic of each lesson.

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