Artist Carmen Bonhomme-Parfitt

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Born into the Bonhomme family of French Mauritian decent on 2 January 1983 during the apartheid era in South Africa, in the ‘coloured’ community of Wentworth. 

Attended high school where History and Art were her favourite subjects. Started painting at the age 0f 14.  Later attended The University of Natal, Durban in 2001 where she studied towards a Degree in Architecture. After 4 years, not really passionate about the architecture found herself in another field of work but always painted as a hobby, basically a self-taught artist (main and current occupation: Mechanical Draftsperson).

Small collection of work exhibited in London, United Kingdom at a charity event in 2007.

Commissioned to reproduce Andre Reublev’s, The Trinity in 2008 in Wentworth’s, Christ the King Parish, Durban, South Africa. Which remains a permanent fixture in the Chapel of Adoration.

Successfully completed a short Iconography Course at the Byzantine School of Iconography, Larissa, Greece in 2014

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