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The company "Haftina" was established in 1991, in Poland. This family business evolved into one of the largest companies, operating on the market, in the embroidery industry. We have many years in the design and manufacture of liturgical celebrations. We have specially created a department at Haftina Atelier which implements these unique collections.

We have a wide range of designs, which combine precision with beauty and dignity, worthy of the relevent liturgical celebration. We offer Vestments, altar cloths, lecterns banners and canopies. We pay special attention to the detail of the design and emboidery.   Our design office performs custom designs, which are developed to suit your individual needs.

We invite you peruse our collections.

With our liturgical vestments and stoles,you will find attention paid to even the smallest detail.  We offer the highest quality products, characterized by subtle colors, extremely rich design and fabric, and ideally suited embroidery designs.  With our design you will have unique stoles and chasubles and a wide range of excellent and exceptional products. We have many years of experience, which allows us to perform to your exceptional expectations and needs.  Stoles, chasubles, altar cloths, banners, and all other products,  provide outstanding durability. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our items available on this website.

We have ISO 9001: 2008 certificate in the field of computerized embroidery services, design and production of embroidered products.

Chalice's linen

All elements of the sets are made of durable and extremely high quality materials and finely decorated with beautiful and aesthetic embroidery.

Altar Cloths

We present altar cloths in many stylish variants. We offer tablecloths with embroidery front, with yardage, with inscriptions and embroidery on the sides. Subtle decorating in beautiful colours harmonize with the whiteness of high quality fabrics, combined to make beautiful table/altar cloths.

Liturgical vestments

Durable and dignified liturgical vestments are available which is  suitably adapted to the liturgical year. We provide high quality chasubles, stoles, veils and covers with fine fabrics adorned with detailed embroidery.


We offer precision-made church banners. We provide professional services in designing, sewing and embroidery flags. We make orders in standard sizes, medium and large. We also have sashes. Embellishments are made on the basis of advanced technological machines . 


Available in an assortment of liturgical colours. Haftina  House stands noble in their simplicity and at the same time aesthetic appearance.  Garments are made from high quality materials that are characterized by the optimum balance of strength and delicacy.  The two sheets of loose fabric allow free movement of the hands and provide the priest freedom to move and celebrate Holy Mass. 

Please note that all the Haftina items are shipped directly from our partner in Poland.  There would be a 6 to 8 week waiting period before items are received.  We will confirm the time frame on your order placement.



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